Welcome to Postero. Inspired by the great American melting pot of culinary cultures and techniques, this is our next adventure in New American cuisine. We’re adding a dash of modern-day flavor to the traditional recipes we’ve loved for so long, creating upscale dining experience like no other in Hendersonville. So come see what we have in store and take a taste of what’s next.


Postero is a culmination of a quarter of a century of working in restaurants, dining out with friends and family, and an admiration of those with the entrepreneurial spirit. I love food, all of it. I have never met a dish I wouldn’t try, and most of em I’d get seconds of. I get that from my mother Lani. She was fearless in the kitchen and when dining out. I have so many memories of cooking with her in her kitchen. Having attended one of the finest culinary schools in the country as well as trained under some really good classically trained chefs has given me a broad base of classic French Culinary Technique.

I believe this to be the cornerstone for New American Cuisine, which is a true melting pot of cultures, ingredients, and techniques. I love the idea of applying modern day sensibilities to traditional recipes. Use great ingredients and treat them with respect for where they are from, how they are handled and who they are going to. There are few joys greater in my life than sharing tasty, beautiful food with my family, friends and community that I am proud to be from and continue to be a part of.


Jason is a native son. He was raised in Hendersonville, NC with a deep seeded passion for food from an early age. He can recall some of his earliest food memories, being chased from his grandmother’s kitchen for pilfering bacon, sharing a love of Asian ingredients with his mother, and his father’s roast beast and Yorkshire pudding every Christmas. These memories have help shape his love of grub. He was lucky enough to have found his home in food & beverage in 1986 at age 14. It was only a busboy position but he felt drawn to the environment, the people, and the most of all the food. He was a line cook all through high school and followed that up with a Culinary arts degree and Food Service Management from Johnson & Wales University in Charleston S.C. and Providence R.I.

Jason returned home to Hendersonville in 2000 after holding Sous Chef positions in some of Providence’s finest restaurants. He met his beautiful wife Stephanie while he was a Sous Chef at Highland Lake Inn & Resort. During the last decade, while at Kenmure Country Club, he and his wife have embarked upon their greatest journey and highest achievement, raising their two beautiful children Paityn and Cole, a.k.a Pickle & Bean.